A Christmas Story

I loved being a part of this show, and so I was honored when they asked back for two more seasons (2018, 2019)

….maybe they read some of these reviews…..or maybe they wrote them?….nah….

“The real find for this tour was Paul Nobrega…he is nearly perfect as The Old Man.”

Broadway World

In “A Major Award,” Paul Nobrega takes center stage with his contest win, the sensuous Lady Leg lamp, in a rousing Busby Berkeley-like performance where even the Leg gets to kick its heel. The scene explodes with colors, and Nobrega’s triumph of the ego is captured in every dance step.

RBTL Rochester, NY

“Paul Nobrega, as the Old Man, did a great job of bringing laughs to the proceedings. He found the humor in the character and being part of the story rather than milk the jokes.”

Southington Observer, Hartford CT

“If I would have closed my eyes, I would have thought Paul Nobrega was same guy who played the old man in the movie as he said “Fra-gee-le.”

Cincy Broadway

“I do have to highlight Paul Nobrega and Sara Budnik, who played Ralphie’s parents because they had some incredible on-stage chemistry. Budnik and Nobrega did a wonderful job conveying to the audience the real dynamic of their relationship…”

Broadway Indianapolis